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Cody Knudson has been in Southern Utah since birth, graduating from Snow Canyon High and Dixie State University with a Bachelor’s in Accounting.

He is a father to Taylie, a beautiful, 3-year-old girl. He is a married, family man, with a small family that he loves and cherishes more than anything. (Some would say the reason he works so hard is for his family!)

With his free time, other than the obvious, i.e., spending time with family and social events, Cody is a huge NBA fan. Some of his other hobbies include health & fitness, comedy, and reading.

Cody Knudson is currently licensed in the following states: Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. He has over two years of experience in the industry, starting his career as a captive insurance agent for Farm Bureau Financial Services in 2018, where he won the Blue Vase award, given to the best new agents after their first 6 months. He was the only Farm Bureau Financial Services Agent in his nation-wide class to earn the award.


As an Independent Insurance Agency, we work for you, not the insurance company.

Dynasty Insurance Services LLC is a full-fledged insurance products and services provider, ranging from automobile insurance to life insurance.

We merge ancient and forgotten face-to-face relationships with the technology of the future. Every customer will meet their agent face-to-face, whether it’s in our office, at their home, or on a zoom call. We then take these organic and meaningful relationships and nurture them with consistent and caring service and the best technology available. We believe that a focus on face-to-face relationships combined with the best technology differentiates us from the competition.

Captive Agencies

All insurance carriers/companies are perfect for the perfect applicant. Every carrier has a little box where they offer their best rates and coverages. A Captive Agency is limited to one (or one group of related) insurance carrier(s). If you happen to fit in their little box, you may have access to competitive rates and great coverages.

Because Captive Agencies are required to meet quotas for life insurance, among other quotas, and because they are limited to one insurance carrier – Captive Agencies do not work for you, they work for their captive insurance carrier. They must force-fit you with their one insurance carrier, or not do business with you at all. This dilemma makes it difficult to truly work for the client, rather than the insurance carrier.


Independent Agencies

By having access to over 20 insurance carriers, an Independent Agency (such as Dynasty Insurance Services) can shop several insurance carriers for the absolute best fit. By doing this, we can ensure that you have great coverages and great prices through an insurance carrier that is favorable to your application. Also, because we can give you choice, you will never have to shop around again. We maintain the perfect fit for you, forever.

We have no quotas at Dynasty Insurance Services. If you purchase your insurance through us, it will be because we gave you a thorough insurance review, uncovering any gaps leaving you exposed, shopped for the carrier with the exact coverages you need and with the best rates, and gave you choices before YOU decided what is best for you. You aren’t listening to a long sales presentation with high-pressure sales tactics. We are educating you, pairing you with the carrier that can take care of your needs at the best price, and giving you options.

Book an insurance review now, or request a quote on our website, and let us show you the power of choice and freedom.

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