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Welcome to Dynasty Insurance

As an Independent Insurance Agency, we work for you, not the insurance company.

Welcome to Dynasty Insurance – your go-to stop for all things insurance! From auto to business to life coverage, we’ve got the whole spectrum covered. No need to look further – we’re your one-stop insurance hub.

Picture this: 40+ insurance providers in our corner, ready to craft a coverage plan just for you. We’re like your personal insurance matchmakers, combining top-tier protection from the best names in the game with rates that’ll make you smile. And we’re not just here for the setup – we’re here for the long haul. Our clients are loving the ease of texting us for policy tweaks – we’re frequently told that we are so quick and so easy to work with. But hold up, there’s an encore: our job doesn’t end at finding your dream policy. As time goes on, we’re on the lookout to make sure your coverage stays as perfect as day one. Sleep easy, because your peace of mind is what we’re all about.

Oh, and guess what? We’re licensed in 5 awesome states: UT, NV, AZ, WY, and CO. And we’re not stopping there – our territory is expanding faster than you can say “coverage.” So, stick around and watch us grow!

Proudly partnered with

Cody Knudson

Meet Cody, he has been in Southern Utah since birth, graduating from Snow Canyon High and Dixie State University with a Bachelor’s in Accounting.

He is a proud and loving father to two wild and energetic daughters, Taylie and Josie. His wife Yesi is a makeup artist, and a pretty cool one if you ask Cody. Check out her website: https://www.yesibeauti.com/. Cody still can’t believe that he convinced this beautiful babe to marry him 7 years ago.

When he isn’t busy slaying insurance prices, he loves spending time with family and friends. He is a huge NBA fan. Some of his other hobbies include health & fitness, comedy, and reading.

Captive Agencies

All insurance carriers/companies are perfect for the perfect applicant. Every carrier has a little box where they offer their best rates and coverages. A Captive Agency is limited to one (or one group of related) insurance carrier(s). If you happen to fit in their little box, you may have access to competitive rates and great coverages.

Because Captive Agencies are required to meet quotas for life insurance, among other quotas, and because they are limited to one insurance carrier – Captive Agencies do not work for you, they work for their captive insurance carrier. They must force-fit you with their one insurance carrier, or not do business with you at all. This dilemma makes it difficult to truly work for the client, rather than the insurance carrier.


Independent Agencies

By having access to over 40 insurance carriers, an Independent Agency (such as Dynasty Insurance) can shop several insurance carriers for the absolute best fit. By doing this, we can ensure that you have great coverages and great rates through an insurance carrier that is favorable to your application. Also, because we can give you choice, you will never have to shop around again. We can re-shop for you over the years. We maintain the perfect fit for you, forever.

We have no quotas at Dynasty Insurance Services. If you purchase your insurance through us, it will be because we gave you a thorough insurance review, uncovering any gaps leaving you exposed, shopped for the carrier with the exact coverages you need and with the best rates, and gave you choices before YOU decided what is best for you. You aren’t listening to a long sales presentation with high-pressure sales tactics. We are educating you, pairing you with the carrier that can take care of your needs, and giving you options.

Book an insurance review now, or request a quote on our website, and let us show you the power of choice and freedom.

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